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A.L.S. on the west coast of the island of Reunion

The West Coast is the tourist with its turquoise lagoons.

Called "Coast to leeward, " but especially to the oil side, it includes almost all the island's beaches, black sand, white sand. There's something for all tastes with its 27km of beach between St. Paul and St. Leu.

The beaches of the Hermitage, but also those of La Saline les Bains are quiet and family. No need to be expert divers. Snorkel enough to discover the wonderful wildlife of our turquoise lagoon.
The beach attracts Boucan-Canot rather younger. Bikini and tanning are kings. This is the place to be seen, if we want to meet new people ..........

But do not mistake: the West Island is also the starting point for all visits.
Possession offers a range of landscapes and views. Dod d'Ane, called the door Mafate, is the starting point for many hikes.
You'll be surprised at Salt Point, La Pointe des Châteaux and Le Soufleur, sharp cliffs of our coast. The escape is to go through the small paths through the cane fields, geraniums and forests.
Find out Piton Saint Leu, Stella Matutina, a former candy Agricultural and Industrial Museum has become, in Saint Leu Kelonia, the Garden of Eden to the Hermitage or the Aquarium of Saint Gilles les Bains, the only of the Meeting.

We must go upstairs, near the Petite France, the vast forest to get away fully or slightly above, La Glacière, where we collected ice on puddles of water streams.
Without forgetting the Maïdo great ledge a mile above Mafate, which mounts the cooler winds.

Welcome in the island of Reunion

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